Changing the World for Better

Man is born in the reflection of God, that is to say in the purest of forms. He has the attributes necessary to be called God’s shadow on Earth. However, this remains contested with most of the people whether a human is born good and later corrupted by the systems in place or is inherently evil with nothing but regard for self interest. Be that as it may, there is a general consensus that we the humans have a lot of potential to impact our surroundings for better or for worse and that is exactly what being alive is all about.

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? Why are you here? Why were you born in a particular environment and not another? Why do you have certain capabilities and not others? Why do you feel a certain set of emotions more strongly than the others? The answer to these very questions would make you explore your deepest self and only then would a sense of triumph prevail on you if you are lucky enough to decipher the workings of life and of human mind. The environment we are born in, and the capacities we hold are in a symbiotic relationship with each other. These abilities provide us that particular something which is missing in our environment. Some of us get to channel these talents, these capabilities and leave a mark, the others spend life being cynical. Creating an impact is the least a human can do as it is a well established fact that a life worth living is the one you live thinking of communal good, the way it should be.

This discussion might arise another thought in the minds of the readers. “Why do we need to create a change when there is perfection in nature?” The world we live in with all its positivities has been corrupted on a social and psychological level. We see people running after selfish interests without caring who we might hurt in the process as we believe or rather are made to believe in the ultimate pessimism which lies in the human nature. That is not the case. If that were true, the philanthropists that we have, the social workers, the not-for-profit organizations, people creating an impact on minute sociological levels would not exist. Little acts of service, little acts of kindness, helping others find themselves, these things are happening every second around the globe. We have people and institutions who have moved beyond the constraints of “self” and are working hard to change the perceptions, lives and livelihoods of the people so they can contribute effectively towards the shared growth of the society.

Here at AIESEC, we are dedicated to changing the lives of people not just politically and sociologically but at a psychological level as well. With our mantras of seeking humankind’s potential and striving for excellence, we conduct cross cultural exchanges to provide the necessary outlook on life to our exchange participants. This impact is translated internally as well where our member body, working behind the scenes, get the fruit of this change. AIESEC with its many initiatives of member experience helps its general body, spread in all of the eleven local chapters to learn the necessary hard skills, learn the art to communicate, learn to manage work effectively and strike an appropriate work-life balance. AIESEC, to its members is like a mother organization realizing the potential of her children, pushing them to make a change and be out in the world being the best version of themselves. AIESEC is a home to a lot of us where we met people, went through process which altered our lives and in many cases helped face our fears, be it rejection, social awkwardness or others. Wherever we go, the AIESECer in us shines through creating an unmatched energy which is infectious to everyone who comes in contact.

The impact that we create can not be measured through a scale and quite frankly there is no need for it. It is a subjective concept with no concrete lines to measure the intensity. There are no rights and wrongs of it, there is no set formula or a plan of action that you need to follow, the only thing that is needed is the will to do something. Imagine holding the power to shape another human’s life in an optimistic manner. Would that still make you think whether the impact or the act in itself is big or small? Look around yourself, in your home, in your family, in your neighborhood, in your community, there will always be someone who could do with that little shred of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel, those last rays of sunshine. Our goal should exactly be that. To be the hope, the optimism, the sunshine in someone’s life. Be the feeling of warmth in this cold, callous world and spread the energy in all directions. For once, take a step back and realize what have we done so far and what do we plan to do.

Now is the time to change the narrative. The world already has its fair share of evils, now is the time we decide what path are we going to take. Are we going to live an unbothered life and die a meaningless death? Or are we willing to step up, claim the responsibility of being a human being and be the beacon of light for the generations to come? Are we willing to take the next step and transcend beyond ourselves to leave an impact? We need to sit with our own selves and try finding the answer and once we do realize what we ought to do as humans, the journey towards change would have already started.

Every day the clock resets. Your wins don’t matter. Your failures don’t matter. Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be. -Sean Higgins

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