Evolution of Leadership During Pandemic

What is leadership to you? A question everyone might answer differently. Well, to me leadership is ensuring your members’ personal as well as professional growth, leading with example, compassion, understanding, dedication, and kindness.

Before the pandemic wreaked havoc in almost every system that existed; one could tell that there were certain traditional practices associated with the leadership. A status quo of how leadership was supposed to be, however with time these have been greatly challenged. It’s no longer just focused on the formal proceedings and following a rigid set of rules or a concrete way of doing things. It is adaptability; it is improvisation and it overcoming all the tides that run against you.

The essence of good leadership is to change, adapt and evolve into a better version of you daily. A good leader always figures out ways to improve him. They are ready to always learn.

Leadership Development Model

When the pandemic hit, everything froze, all of a sudden nothing remained same, our lives took a 180 degree turn and that was hard on everyone. But the people and the leaders who were fixed in their practices suffered the most at the hand of this catastrophe globally. But the leaders who assessed the situation, took on a proactive measures approached and matched with the era progressed. And not only did they excel; they took their flock with them. So what makes new-age leadership different?

The new leadership approach that the circumstances demanded was more intrinsic. It required people to resonate on the same level and understand each other. In these challenging times, the need of the hour was empathy and patience and how it affects the model of leadership. Also more focus had to be given on the technological usage and advancement. Everyone was going through something rough, be it losing someone they love, stuck away from their families, confined to houses and so much more. The evolved leadership model focused more on the balance of work and personal lives. Everyone needed a hero, a mentor, a confidante. And this is where great leaders stepped in.

People started taking charge of their lives, broke the norms of the physical world and fled freely in the digital universe. They became leaders of the tomorrow, and in their leadership stories they were not alone. They always had another person who inspired them, who forced them to be better and then in return they made sure they pass along the light that lit up paths for so many youth.

Leadership always needs to evolve to be in synch with the era but what should not change are the qualities of empathy, kindness and an attitude of building others up. A leader is more than just a member of staff; he’s a hero and a shaper. There is still much evolution to be sought into the leadership world; however the success that has already been achieved despite an ongoing pandemic deserves to be lauded and celebrated. Here’s to a world of leaders and change makers! and Here’s to Activating Leadership!


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