Sense of Gratitude

According to google gratitude is a warm feeling of being thankful towards the world or towards specific people. However, the way I see it is slightly different. Gratitude is not always about being thankful or having a feeling of owing someone something, sometimes it’s about using that chance, utilizing that opportunity and making the best out of it.

If we conduct an analysis of our youth including myself, we have a tendency of getting caught up in the struggles so much that we start taking so many things for granted, we forget to appreciate littles things, we get so focused on what’s wrong with us that we forget to see what’s so right about us. There are so many people out there who might be looking to find that answer, struggling with their mental health, looking for some peace in all the chaos, needing guidance, seeking some reassurance that It will be okay.

In our most difficult hours, we need something to cling to, a support system, a shred of empathy, a ray of kindness, a lot of people find these at AIESEC. And its in those moments that we are most grateful. Grateful to that act of kindness, grateful to that one smile, to that one support we needed to lean on, to that one person who told us it will be okay.

If I talk about myself, I think I will be forever grateful to AIESEC for how she has nurtured me over time, for how much opportunities she gave me, took my mistakes in and gave me a learning, for the amazing family she gave me, who became my calm in the storm, my twinkle of hope in the dark nights of despair, and all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When I first got into this organization, someone told me if you give AIESEC your 10% it will return a 100%, and today after a year of working here, I have a very good full-time job and all the credit goes to AIESEC. If you are someone looking to find your place, a chance to prove to yourself that you have what it takes, an opportunity to excel, to grow and not only survive but thrive, AIESEC is the place for you.

Sense of gratitude, feeling of being grateful gives you calm and peace and sometimes it might result in a smile of accomplishment or tears of being successful or both. It makes you a humble and more grounded person and you connect with the people, your surroundings, and nature. It will bring a very soothing effect to your aura, and you will start radiating positivity.

So, my advice, Try being Grateful to every single thing no matter how small and start appreciating it all.

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