Shehroze, the paragon of leadership

I was recruited in 2019 for the fall recruitment. Till date I have been an EP, Team Member for MKT, Team Leader for OGX, Team Leader for MKT as well as an NST for Organizational Development.

My biggest rejection was of OCVP NPS 2020. I learned that I was a little too overconfident about myself and it was important to identify the things I was lacking in and to work on them with a mindset of making them my strength. Because rejections means redirection towards your aim. I got the honor to be elected as the president for AIESEC in IBA for the term 22.23. I was a little surprised, overwhelmed but I knew that there was a big responsibility on me now. I felt great about it.

Being a president means having immense responsibility over your head but it also means that you have the opportunity to do better. It means being a true embodiment of what an AIESECer should strive to be like and have a personal connection to the AIESEC way. My journey began with exchange, my motivation grew when I witnessed the diverse environment that was presented to me. Since then, AIESEC has given me all types of experiences to make me the person I am today. Throughout the journey I’ve faced more rejections than I have gotten positions and it’s been one of the biggest learning experiences for me. I was able to use these experiences to my advantage and I was able to use AIESEC as a medium of success. My future aspiration is that I can help anyone in AIESEC overcome their weaknesses, identify their strengths and and gain relevant skills through their experiences so that they too, can use AIESEC as a medium of success.

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